Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To the Love of My Life

This is for my wife Charity.

I should have had this up two days ago, but some activities took my attention away. I hope you will forgive me.


Can you believe how much our lives have changed in the last 2 years? We were married, we moved to new jobs in a new country, we got a little mongrel puppy...and so many other amazing events to make the last two years memorable.

What an adventure our lives together have been to date. When you sat down next to me in class that day four and a half years ago, I never thought someone like you would ever agree to marry someone like me. Cute, self-confident, friendly, devoted and...did I already say cute? were and continue to this day to be wonderfully hard not to love.

Oh and our first date...I was so nervous to ask you out. Funny, I don't remember being that nervous around other girls. But, then again, I never before had so much at stake. Our long talks over equally long walks never seemed to be long enough.

Does it seem like-with the exception of the engagement and wedding- that we never really had those "BIG MOMENTS" in our relationship? I guess I see only two people who have continually moved closer and closer together. So instead of a list of time-stamped events establishing with each check to mark our "coupleness", we have a simple building which reinforces itself a little more each day, building upon a foundation of love and reaching towards the simple goal of complete unity of the "one flesh."

The year between our engagement and marriage seemed at the time to take forever to pass and now seem like it sped by. The day we took that next step of being married wasn't a nervous day for me. I was at peace with everything that day because it was only natural to marry my best friend and that helper made perfectly for me.

It hasn't always been perfect-yes I would at some point have to use that overly cliched sentiment and then continue it with-and it wasn't all a bed of roses, but those trying times have made us what we are. Those times when we have been reminded of our glaring inadequacies and have been made to view sin full in the face, turned out to be also the times when we have patched that part of our relationship in such a way as to make it stronger then it ever was before.

It has been hard and it has been easy. It has been scary and it has been peaceful. It has been full of laughter and it has had some times of sadness. But above all else, it has been my honor and privilege to call you "my girl" wife. You are my blessing and my love.

Happy Anniversary Charity Faith!

I look forward to saying that to you every year God allows us through the grace of Jesus to dwell together here below.


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