Thursday, January 1, 2009

Week of Dec. 28th

This week has brought several...interesting experiences. Charity and I arrived on Friday of last week from Kansas City (MCI) and arrived at Philadelphia (PHL) early in the afternoon. Charity's brother Charles and sister-in-law Shelley came to pick us up. That evening we had a wonderful time visiting with the Pritt side of the family.

On Monday we went to the Korean Consulate in New York City to finalize our visa information. Around 8 in the morning we headed out to the Bethlehem bus station for the Trans-Bridge buslines and rode the 10:30 bus to the PABT in New York. We walked from there to what we thought was the Korean Consulate which was near the UN Building on the waterfront. However ten minutes before our appointment we were told by the guard at the front desk that the location we needed was 12 blocks away on Park Ave! We had to run two blocks to find a cab and rode it to the Park Ave location and then were told to wait in line!

After a about an hour of filing papers with the Korean Consulate we were granted an interview that lasted about 5 minutes and we were given verbal approval for our visas to Korea.

Once we had approval, Charity and I walked around the city and saw Madison Square Garden, the US Postal Office, Times Square and a handful of other places. It really got dark to quick and we couldn't see most of the things that would have been fun to see, but we had fun anyway.

Around 6:20 or so we boarded the bus to go back to Bethlehem and ultimately home to the Pritt's.

Let me take a quick moment to say that taking the bus from Bethlehem trumped driving to Newark Penn Station and taking the train in. Plus, we were able to get off a lot closer to were we wanted to go.

On Tuesday, Charity, April, little Isaac and I went out to Costco to get our membership so that we can use it in Korea. Of course, we had to also check out the local mall and eat at one of our favorite resturants-Chipotle!

On Wednesday we had a quiet New Years Eve and with a little conjoling I was able to keep Charity up till after the ball drop.

As I sit and write this on New Years Day, we have just said goodbye to last of the family members from the annual Pritt dinner. It was good to see everybody again and it was a very enjoyable time to be had with family and friends.

We are taking our final steps to deciding what we will do for our luggage and taking the final steps for prepping for the big trip.

A little less than 3 days to go....

Seoul, South Korea

Well, as some of you all know, Charity and I are on a whirlwind adventure to Seoul, South Korea. I say whirlwind, because one week we discussed it and the next we were signing up! My wife and I will be teaching at a little Christian School which you can visit it here: Seoul Christian

We are leaving KC on the 26th of December for Philadelphia and to spend a little time with Charity's family before we leave. On the 29th we will be going to the Korean Consulate in New York to obtain our E-2's before leaving the country, probably on the 5th or 6th of January.

On a much more personal note, Charity and I need of little but desire your thoughts and prayers for us as neither of us have much in the way of teaching experience and we are going all the way to Korea to break ourselves in!

God has taken me on quite the journey spiritually as well. I was moving through the ranks at my job and the advancement of my career was promising. Moreover, I received a handsome offer from Scottrade in St. Louis to go and work for them. However, God continually brought me back to a small and sometimes difficult to understand verse: Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. While I was happy with staying in KC and working in the finance sector, I had no desire to go. Even after the offer came to go to St. Louis, I had no desire to go.

I really have no idea what it is in store for us and whether this is going to be a short-term trip or a life-long calling, but I am excited to see what comes next as I believe that God has planned this for us from the beginning.

Thank you so much to everyone that reads this and I look forward to future notes of this sort...maybe.