Thursday, November 21, 2013

It has been too long...

So I am attempting to start my writing again.  Life has taken many turns for us in the last year and a half and there has been much to inspire me to write again.  Since my last post in April of 2012 many events have taken place.  Here are just a few:

  • We bought our first house, paid cash for it and have been living here since Sept. 2012.
  • Darcy has grown up to the point of talking in short little phrases--pretty sure I do not have room in my heart for more love...
  • ...Until my son was born who took my overflowing heart and expanded its dimensions even further than I could imagine.
  • I switched jobs and companies, not once, but twice and am once again loving what I do.
  • My youngest brother joined the Air Force and now it is his turn to be away more often than he is home.
  • My great Aunt Dana has moved back to the midwest and is now staying in my parent's house, it has been great to spend time with her again
I am sure I could add to this list in abundance, if I just thought about it for a little while, but at this point I am just full of thanksgiving to God for all that he has brought us through in the last year.

We are debtors to nobody, except love.
We are not rich, except in family and experience.
We are not hungry, except for the desire to see what God will do next.
We are joyful and enjoying the bounty of God!

Things to look for in the coming weeks and months:

Looks for some design tweaks to this blog as I attempt to make it stand out a little more and to reflect what has been happening in our lives.  Also, look for the number of posts here to go up slightly as I would like to get back into writing and the yearning has increased.

Moreover, please, please, please comment.  Not only because I love feedback and hearing what a great job I am doing, but also it will help me to understand what people are interested in and like to see.  It may not change what I do, but it is nice to see nonetheless.

More to come....